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Real-time trading data and tools built for DeFi. Trade all of Pancakeswap in one place, with Uniswap and Sushiswap coming soon.

Multiple Charts

Never miss a moment, all your charts in one window.

Easy Swap

Click to swap any traded pair on Uniswap, Pancakeswap or Sushiswap (coming soon).

Track Portfolio

Connect your wallet to track your portfolio across multiple exchanges.

Hot Pairs

See the latest trending contracts based on their gains and other demand metrics.


DeChart functions as a DAO

Governed by DCH holders, all features beyond Q1Y22 will be voted in to production as proposed by the community.

DCH Token Distribution

DCH Token is neccessary to participate in governance, staking and other features of the DeChart ecosystem.

Token Symbol$DCH
Total Supply125,000,000 DCH

Integrated with Popular Tools

Dechart was built for ease-of-use and to enhance trading efficiency for anyone. Monitor up to 8 pairs at once in our custom-built viewer, click to swap on your favorite exchanges.

Connect a Wallet

Select your wallet to connect a portfolio, save and instantly monitor your pairs.

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